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New York Revisted {Part 3}

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nyc, rock climbing, silly, writing, fiction

top of the world again

The good.

The bad.

The ridiculous/silly/fun/not really ugly at all.

Here’s a simple list, just to finish off sharing my trip to NYC with you.


1) Climb up a huge rock, that looks way bigger in photographs, and feel really cool. (see above!)

2) Have a standoff between a lobster and a chihuahua. (Melissa has this little pet… Brutus… he and I don’t see eye to eye.)  (Also- Sea food on the coast… bring it on. Sea food in New Mexico? Kind of creeps me out.) …and eat some realllllly awesome food, cooked by the Williams kids.

sea food, lobster, nyc, writing, fiction

guess who won

lobster, cooking,

YEAH MAN (Chris making more delicious food… he’s the best cook I know)

sea food, coast, NYC, writing, fiction

Melissa and her GF crabcakes… YUM!!

3) Take a picture, all the while, your feet are soaking wet. Literally, soaking. But you don’t care so much, because you are in an awesome beer garden and listening to a live band.

nyc, rain, silly, writing

we failed to dance :( but YOU try when your feet are sopping wet

4) You can take the train all the way back to the airport. After riding it a few times a day, every day. I like the public transportation thing, but it’s hard to handle the crowds and the noise. Am I a wimp?

nyc, revisited, writing, fiction

goin home

There you have it.

Good night folks. This non-city gal is going to bed, to dream of quiet backyards and ratless sidewalks.

But I miss my sibs-in-law, always.

And because of them, a little part of me will always, actually, love New York City.

<3 Lou







Author: Melinda Haas

Melinda is a writer, blogger, artist and teacher. She lives in Wisconsin with her family.

One thought on “New York Revisted {Part 3}

  1. So, when I was in Chicago we rode the Metra into the city. Public transportation is just so cool! I wish OKC had something similar. It’s so efficient and just awesome. I don’t know if you’ve had the chance to try Chicago pt, but I bet it’s a bit more chill than New York’s. Just a guess. I will say, though ,that getting back to the OKC airport where there’s like 1/3 as many people was awesome. I might be a small-town girl after all.

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