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Wake Up Time: 4:45

That’s AM folks.

I don’t necessarily have to wake up that early. I could scrape by with waking up around 5:50, rushing around, and being out the door by 6:10.

But I love my morning routine. LOVE it. So therefore, I have been going to bed around 9:30 or 10.

BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT REAL FARMERS DO!! Guess what? I am trying to become a real farmer. That’s what this new internship is all about. 

However, this post is mostly just about how early I’ve been waking up. Can I tell you a secret? I love it. There’s something special and wonderful about being up before the first crack of dawn. I love driving to work when the sunrise begins and watching it complete itself once I am there. I love the crisp morning air that requires an extra layer of clothing. I recently figured out how to make coffee (almost) as well as Greg does, so that’s good too. Great guy, woke up with me one time last week and fell back asleep after I left. I am not that crazy of a wife that I’d make him wake up at 4:45 every day. That’s my prerogative right now, not his.

When a person wakes up that early, the world is at his or her fingertips. I mean, I have never been so productive. I already looked at my favorite blogs, I already spent time watching the youtube video of Miley Cyrus and her awful, I repeat, awful, performance. Since I don’t have a TV, I only knew about her craziness via facebook. I guess I could say some time is wasted if you wake up so early in the morning. My time was definitely wasted, but then I stopped wasting it as soon as Robin Thicke appeared on stage and I hit the X button. BOO. I had my first real feminist moment when I watched his music video for Blurred Lines and saw boobs all over the place. Please.

When I first went to bed at 9:30 it felt so weird. Because I LITERALLY (Amanda!) had not gone to bed that early in years. I’m more of a midnight to 1AM type person… I drink coffee around 8 PM… I stay up writing/reading. Here I am, finishing books before work. Typing up a blog before work. It’s a new thing.

Just an update on what I’m reading:


And I am loving it. It’s great. Nice and depressing, just the way a good book should be. I fell in love with Wally Lamb when I read I Know This Much Is True about the twin brothers. You should definitely read some Lamb sometime soon. It’s of the life changing variety.

Also, another update:

I will be posting a vlog soon. Partly because I loved The Lady Okie’s vlog so much. Partly because she tagged me in her vlog post and now I feel some pressure. And partly because I am up for the challenge! I hate my voice when it’s on any sort of recording, but I’ll look past it. I will probably take you around the backyard to meet the chickens. Who knows.

Good morning, everyone. Hope you have a wonderful day!


Lou, The Early Riser