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My Hippie Experience

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On The Road!!!

Why do I look so happy?

It’s because {about a week ago} I was on the way to my very first Tie-Dye Festival aka Road to Rich’s (Rich is the guy’s name who has a festival on his property in the mountains every year! How cool is that?) aka Weekend In Ramah, New Mexico!

The car was packed. I mean, like sardines. Poor guys had to sit in the back and could hardly even hear each other.

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poor alex

All of New Mexico’s finest musicians travel a few hours out of town and camp out (in tents, real rugged-like) and 300 or so people come to listen, make their white clothing tie-dyed and do all sorts of other recreational activities. ;) ;)

We set up camp and soon realized that we were the only ones who’d forgotten to bring something: Chairs.

But at least we had our quilt.

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Wildewood, practicing.

The first night, while the awesome Saltine Ramblers were playing, glow lights were tossed around. It was a real party, up in the cool mountain air, and I danced for hours. This is the only occasion I’d EVER wear something around my head in this way. But it was glowing. And I was at a tie-dye festival. I mean, come on.

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I wasn’t really that crazy, it was just the picture! haha

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showin off our bling

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greg was hilarious. that necklace kept growing

The next day Wildewood and SO MANY other bands played. The stage was in front of Rich’s house.

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Meredith, Greg, Alex

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wildewood rocked it

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what it looked like!

The best part about going to something where other bands play is the fact that I can force ask Greg to dance with me.

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And sit back to watch the show.

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we hijacked some chairs

I didn’t bring anything to tie-dye, but that’s okay. I will always remember our first Ramah experience and all of the awesome people who were there.

Oh, and it was Rich’s 60th birthday. That’s why the festival even exists… for his birthday party. I have been going about MY birthday all wrong for years, I realized. ha

My favorite part about it all was spending some time “away from it all” with my best friends, Meredith, Greg and Alex. We even shared a tent. Talk about getting comfortable with people. So many laughs were shared. Lots of beer was consumed. Wildewood got a bottle of Whiskey for playing. We ate food constantly and there was always music, whether it was on stage, or people sitting around in circles jamming.

I can’t wait for next year!!!

wildewood, music, festival, writing, fiction

Wildewood and Lou