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Day 17, Friday: A favorite photo of yourself and why

Here it is:

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true happiness (Meredith in pink, me in purple)

I love this photograph so much, I’ve already used it in a blog.

This is us, the twins, when we were little. We spent at least one week every single summer in Ocean City, Maryland with my dad’s side of the family. Those summer weeks were always my favorite. This year we still had the matching-but-different-color swimsuits and the same little blonde ponytails. We loved to hold hands. We hugged each other and laughed. I doubt I’ve ever been so happy, or ever can match the happiness that is captured here in this photograph. Being young was such a carefree time. I will always have Meredith, which is something so special that it almost brings tears to my eyes.

I love so many other pictures. I love pictures of Greg and me, ones with my family or pictures from really great trips I remember. I don’t even remember this particular one being taken, but it is and always will be my very favorite.

Bonus: that’s my totally hippy uncle Mark there in the background! Love it!

May we all be as happy as the two little girls in this picture :)

Love Lou