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Coin a Phrase

Here is a short a sweet post. Lately I’ve been blogging about food and weight and GMOs and chickens laying eggs. This takes a lot of time and effort. I love doing it. But every once in a while… I gotta let loose. Because THIS is the stuff that fills up my every day life. I’m usually laughing about something because I am married to this very enigmatic guy who is SO his own person… that no one (especially me) can quite figure him out. I love it. I’ll constantly be getting to know this guy- until my dying day.

So try it! Coin a phrase… the way my husband did.

Here he is: in the most realistic drawing I’ve ever seen.

hell that

Next time you disagree with something or see something wrong with a situation, don’t say “To hell with that,” or “Hell no.” No…. say “Hell that.”

It just makes that much more sense.

Greg, my dear hubby, coined his own phrase and now the world will never be the same.

Greg, setting up for a Wildewood gig

Greg, setting up for a Wildewood gig

I love ya Libs.