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The Chop

Yesterday I did one of the scariest things (that I swore I’d never do again) I can think of. I cut off my hair. Not just some, not just a little, but almost all of it. Possibly up to 14 inches…. of hair!! 

I am a very spur of the moment kind of person. If I get an idea, there’s a good chance I’ll see it through until the end (and spend a lot of sleepless nights until it’s done.) That’s exactly how I felt on Friday. I couldn’t get this idea, of chopping off all of my hair, out of my head. Not only did I want to at least try something new, but I wanted to help with a good cause. I donated 14+ inches of hair to Locks of Love on Saturday at my hair appointment. Countless people (my mother, mother-in-law, cousins, friends, other relatives, etc) I know have experienced a battle with cancer. I know men and woman alike go through treatment resulting in hair loss, but it’s the women losing their hair that really breaks my heart. I decided that since I am blessed to have hair that will grow back, I sure as hell could give my hair to someone who actually needs it. That decision was easy.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that many actresses I HEART have gotten the chop, too. Anne Hathaway, Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson, just to name a few, have all had great success with a super short hair cut. I have to admit, I’ve been pondering it ever since Emma Watson showed up on the cover of a magazine with just about a buzz cut. I thought she was so brave. I thought she looked beautiful.

I also thought, “I can’t pull that off, wish I could, but oh well.”

Then… this weekend, I realized that whether or not the look could be pulled off is hardly the point. The point is to help others. The point could also be to challenge myself, step outside of my comfort zone, and realize that it’s just hair.

It’s just hair. Seriously.

However, when I went from this:

pixie cut, short hair, it's just hair

how I started out the day

edited long 2

get ready!

To this:

short hair, pixie cut, it's just hair

my heart is pounding

short hair, pixie cut, it's just hair

still in twilight zone

I wasn’t thinking 100% “It’s just hair.” No. I was thinking, “Holy crap. What am I doing? I’ll be 28 or older before it’s this long again. Wow. I am excited. I am nervous. Should I just have her stop and wear my hair down to hide the fact that half of it is cut less than an inch long? Will I wake up and this will have never happened?”

But then I took some deep breaths, reminded myself that this would be fun, a new adventure, and oh yeah, I’m donating my hair for a good cause… I calmed down again.

I’m still getting used to it. I am excited to go on a run and feel that much more lightweight. My first shower was unreal. UNREAL.

You should consider getting a pixie cut for a good cause. I did it, which means you can too!!! Or simply give support to those who do, because every smile and compliment means more to me at the moment than I’d like to admit.

I’m confident that this will eventually feel normal. :)

short hair, pixie cut, it's just hair

the pixie cut

Love, Lou