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The Only Promise I Will Ever Promise

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The Only Promise I Will Ever Promise

By Melinda Wilder

If you do anything

For long enough


It will become normal

I promise

You won’t feel that your bed

Is half empty


I promise

You won’t miss breakfast

On the floor

For long

I promise

The sound of your own footsteps

Won’t echo down the hallway

For eternity

I promise

You’ll learn all the whiskeys

To swirl them on your tongue

And taste honey

I promise

Touch won’t be a trap

But an oasis of beauty

And freedom

You’ll be forgotten by others

Yet your presence will grow

As you remember yourself


Today, Hey Lou Writes is 3 years old.

To anyone who’s stumbled upon these words… thank you.

Here’s one of the first photos I ever posted on Hey Lou. <3

new writer, short stories, twins

my twin!



Author: Melinda Haas

I write, I read, I love to laugh. God, my husband, and my step children make up my world. I am working on publishing many novels, three of which are completed manuscripts.

One thought on “The Only Promise I Will Ever Promise

  1. Happy Third Birthday, Hey Lou Writes!!

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