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{Serendipitous} Prescott, a {Dirty} Martini, and a {Good} Excuse

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…And on the 21st Day of Blogging Every Single Day in May…

God created some giant distractions, and forced Lou to rest.

I didn’t blog yesterday. I didn’t reach my goal, but in a way, I’m glad. Because that means things are moving along here in my new hometown.

I often find things connecting in my life in mysterious ways. I work with Lavender lotion, my potential employer is gifted that same lotion (that I probably touched) the day she gets my resume. I hope to goodness that I can live in Prescott, outside of the farmhouse, so that I don’t have to have a roommate (in the actual same room!) and low and behold, the farmer’s daughter asks me, five days in, if I want to live with her. People pop up out of the woodwork; friendly faces you think you remember and hope to see again. The list goes on and on. Let me just say, that yesterday was one of those days.

The farmer’s daughter and I had the exact same idea and she beat me to the punch… to get a drink at our local bar, overlooking the river, Muddy Waters . I hadn’t even been there yet, and yesterday was the kind of manure-shoveling day that requires some deck time with a drink in hand. So that was great. The evening could not have been more perfect. My roommate, Malaby, is a true gem.

mel n mal mel n mal

I had a some whiskey at this bar. Then I decided it was dirty martini day, because shoot, why not?

yummo yummo… can you beat the view?

Anyway, you guys, that is my excuse. That and one more very serendipitous moment that I’ll likely share later. (I went on a walk… my first nighttime walk in Wisconsin. Let me just say, I could get used to that.)

Cheers to good friends, which I’m finding are to be found (despite saying out loud, “HOW THE HECK DOES A PERSON JUST WALTZ UP TO A NEW TOWN AND MAKE FRIENDS WITH STRANGERS?!”) everywhere here, and having the exact same idea as your roommate.

Cheers to nights that don’t wind up at all how you think they will.

“The best days were never planned.” – Meredith

I hope you find moments of surprise and chance and happenstance… all those things that make life an exciting ride. I love when every 24 hours, something new changes up my world.

And guys, don’t doubt my love for you. I sat outside a closed library to use their wifi (shh) in order to post this.

That’s true <3.

yup. sitting on the sidewalk yup. sitting on the sidewalk

Love, Lou

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Melinda is a writer, blogger, artist and teacher. She lives in Wisconsin with her family.

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