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JTE, Agates, and the Banjo

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Day 14 of the Blog Everyday in May Challenge:

10 things that make you really happy. 

1) Letters. These are magic. They have healing powers. They are the best sort of surprise :) I like sending them, too!

my typewriter

my typewriter

2) Little plants. On mother’s day I felt like I maybe sorta kinda counted as a mom. Cause of these little precious thangs….

collards here

collards here

3) Skeletons. They’re lovely.

my dream future ;)

my dream future ;)

4) Awkward-growing-out-hair. Because who doesn’t want to wake up feeling like Clark Kent?



5) Banjos. On a bad day, plucking at one of these just makes the day a little cheerier.

singing for Meredith when she was sick

singing for Meredith when she was sick

6) Justin Townes Earle. Good. Lord. He’s talented, handsome, an over-all badass. My #1 favorite.

7) Agates. They’re just like people. Their beauty is largely within. (And it’s always a mystery, until they break.)

a recent gift

a recent gift

8) Laughter. It’s just…. the best.

like this... this made me laugh

like this… this made me laugh

9) (speaking of…) Hugs. I love a good hug.

writing, new writer, fiction

true happiness

10) Believing in my own happiness!!! That makes me happy (ahem.)

I also like winking into a camera in the library.

I also like winking into a camera in the library.

Some more to finish off the list… a good conversation… paddling backwards…. knitting with friends…. shoveling manure…. oh… the list goes on!



Author: Melinda Haas

Melinda is a writer, blogger, artist and teacher. She lives in Wisconsin with her family.

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