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She Saw Me Through It … All of It

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DAY TEN!!!!! I haven’t blogged for ten days in a row since 2013. Fo real.

It’s about time, and no matter how many views I get on each blog, I love doing this. It’s helping me in more ways than I can explain.

Day 10 of the Blog Everyday in May Challenge goes like this:

Most embarrassing moment. Spill. 

Buuuuuut. Today is mother’s day. And I can’t think of a most embarrassing moment, because I’ve had too many to keep track of since I moved here, and before.

Today I want to say that even through all of my embarrassments in life…..

one person who never made me feel ashamed of a single thing is my mom. She’s forgiven me, accepted me and supported me through my stupidest, most cringing moments. She’s one of just a few reasons why I’m okay today.

gosh. amazing.

gosh. amazing.

I see my mom and I think, “Goodness, what beauty.” When people say “You’re beautiful inside and out,” it sounds cliche and sometimes cheesy. There are those rare people who really are… and my mom is one of them.

I can’t be with my mom today and it makes me a little bit sad. Yet, I know I’m lucky to still have her around. My heart goes out to those missing their mothers today… those who don’t have their mom just one phone call away.

I love you, mom. Thanks for never making me feel embarrassed. Thanks for loving me through it all.




Lou (Who hopes to be as great a mom as you someday)

Author: Melinda Haas

Melinda is a writer, blogger, artist and teacher. She lives in Wisconsin with her family.

One thought on “She Saw Me Through It … All of It

  1. A lovely tribute to a lovely lady!!

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