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The Matchstick Burning


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DAY 1: The story of your life in 250 words or less(2013 post)

The Matchstick Burning

by Melinda Wilder


My name is once again wilder

Maybe it never really changed

“I’ll keep you wild,

You keep me safe”

So the quote left me estranged


Estranged from the words,

Read that : SAFE and WILD

“I’m right here,

But you needed me there”

I kept that hurt filed


Filed away at any cost

I’m good at that dance

“I do,  I do,  I don’t,  actually,

I’m waaaay over there, really”

Laughter put me in a trance


Trances only last so long

And I’m no good at magic

“Do tricks with sugar packets,

Instead of holding my hand”

Now where did I put my matchstick?


Matchsticks kept me burning

So I could shine out to the rest

“You said at any distance,

You would love me”

It’s like life turned into one giant test


Testing my patience, laughter and joy

I didn’t know what to do

“Untangle yourself,

I know you’ll make it out alive ”

My own mother said, to help me get through


Through what, I still wonder

Will I ever feel there?

“You make my head spin,

And I love you forever ”

My own father said,  making me swear


Swear to get through

I swear I’ll do right.

“No lemon moon

Will choose me”

But that’s ok, that’s alright



Everything’s alright

Wild, filed, matchstick burning

Untangled and spinning

Chosen at last

Author: Melinda Haas

I write, I read, I love to laugh. God, my husband, and my step children make up my world. I am working on publishing many novels, three of which are completed manuscripts.

3 thoughts on “The Matchstick Burning

  1. This is so poignant…so beautiful and sad and revealing. You are stronger than y our realize and I love y ou.

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