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Alone Time … Like Never Before


“Don’t be scared to walk alone

Don’t be scared to like it.” -JM

I’m more alone than I’ve ever been in my life .

Which is funny, because I’ve pretty much been surrounded by very kind and friendly people since I landed here in the small town of Prescott. Some of my initial nerves have calmed quite a bit.

The thing that I’m happy to have over with (not that it was bad, but the nervous energy was building!) is that “first moment”… which looked like this:

welcome sign

And even before that… crossing the bridge…


Cutest town ever, right? Already??

When I arrived I was lucky enough to be with my mom and my aunt.


My mom truly is the cutest. (Check out the barn! Four chickens live in there to stay warm in the winter! <3)cute mom

This is the “First Glance” at Borner Farm (the farm house, from the road):

the house

And me, picking out my tea of choice when I first arrived:


This is definitely a small town…… and I still managed to get lost. (I could navigate my way to the next town to go to the store… but I managed to lose my bearings when I was IN Prescott, in the surrounding blocks around where I live.)

I have roommates and house mates and I’m so excited to start work tomorrow. I think, experiencing it now, the alone time means something completely different than I thought.

It’s not so much literally having no one around you.

It’s more being free to experience things because you are alone, not comparing to others, making new friends without the preconceived notion so many from a hometown might have… and being a lone reed (quite literally, because reeds never really are lone.)

I do feel free from some of the difficult things I’d dealt with before. And this town…..

It’s adorable.

Cheers to change, living a simple and happy life, and letting yourself feel alone in a world that will always find you a friend.

Love, Lou

(I DO MISS MY MOM! it's no secret.)

(I DO MISS MY MOM! it’s no secret.)

Author: Melinda Haas

Melinda is a writer, blogger, artist and teacher. She lives in Wisconsin with her family.

7 thoughts on “Alone Time … Like Never Before

  1. May you continue to be surrounded by kind, good people. I know that’s how I feel about MN, WI people. I’m sure we’ll see you on one of our travels to MN. Peace!, Pat

  2. So exciting! Enjoy your new adventure!!

  3. We’re all lonely here too. Going Melinder cold turkey – Brutal! Glad you arrived safely, keep your posts coming.

  4. We’ve been so anxious to hear about and see your new home. Thanks for the beautifully written first report and the great photos! Love you!

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