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Hello! It’s been a 4 days since I started doing something every day that scared me or made me happy.

To recap: A few days ago I decided to challenge myself to live life a little differently.

I haven’t been: sitting down and writing in the notebook I got (just as suspected).

But the important part is that: I’ve thought about these intentions… almost all day long.

A few things I did that made me nervous or got me out of my comfort zone:

1. I talked to people who mean something to me and I had difficult conversations. It’s so scary to put yourself out there and ask someone, “Have I upset you?” but at the end of the day, it needs to be done.

2. I called someone I don’t know very well. Phone conversations are difficult for me. They are never hard to have once I’m having them, but it’s the anticipation of … the pressing “send” that can be the scary part.

3. I went to the self help section of my local book store. This might not sound like a scary thing to do, either. I’ve always looked at books with titles like, “You! Finding Yourself and Loving Life: A How To Novel” or “Your Beautiful Body” and thought, I doubt those really help. I’ve even read a few of them (with better titles, of course.) I always felt that they were lacking, but I also think that I never fully surrendered to what these books had to offer. It’s true that I’d rather live inside books. Fiction books. Why not fully allow myself to enter into a world that might change my life for the better? Here’s what I got, by the recommendation of someone I love dearly:

spirit junkie

It’s really good so far. I’m already four chapters in. I’ve underlined something on almost every page and drawn exclamation points and stars next to passages that spoke to me. I’ve spent alone time doing this. Alone Time is something I should have mentioned as a fear of mine.

These daily fears are worth mentioning, but I’m most excited to share with you all the joys I’ve had recently. YAY!

1. I soaked in the sun. I love warm weather. I’d rather sweat then shiver. Today I sat in the sun for an hour. I hardly moved. My chickens were surrounding me. I didn’t think about whether I’d get a sunburn. I didn’t think about anything but the warmth on my skin. It was absolutely amazing.

2. I watched a movie with my parents. I have always regretted not doing this enough in high school. I thought I was perhaps too cool for such things. But here I was tonight, spending time at home and I watched A Walk To Remember (Shane West, the ultimate heart throb of my childhood) with mom and dad. My mom and I cried and my dad pointed out his favorite parts as they were happening. It’s a cheesy movie, but in all the best ways.

3. I listened to music in my car so loudly it almost made me deaf. I love driving on the highway and belting out to my favorite songs. I did that in the last four days. Glorious.

There you have it. That’s my latest update. Did you do anything in the last few days that made you nervous? After reading this blog, are you inspired to go out on a limb or gather the courage to make yourself happy?

Let me know :) And notice… none of the things I mentioned here were Earth shattering or “a big deal.” They are simple and every day actions, and these add up to make a huge difference in how we live life.

(And when all else fails, there’s always wine. Er… or mimosas.)


facing your fears

good day or bad

Love, Lou




Author: Melinda Haas

Melinda is a writer, blogger, artist and teacher. She lives in Wisconsin with her family.

3 thoughts on “Lou and the Self Help Section

  1. Have you read Carry On Warrior by Glennon Doyle? I’m almost finished with t and it’s fabulous. A good one to add to your list. :) love you.

  2. I think the difficult part of utilizing self-help anything is truly trying to help yourself and actually employ the advice/tactics that are suggested! Even if you can only manage one small triumph at a time, that’s more than you’ve done before.

    • Thanks for that insightful response! It’s true. We can help ourselves and let something like a book aid in that process. :) And small triumphs are what it’s all about!!!! I always say… “It’s the little things in life.”

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