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New York Revisited {Part 2}


Yesterday I showed you the good.

Today I’ll be showing you the bad.

Tomorrow- you guessed it!- the ridiculous (ugly… but really, I like the word ridiculous more! And more silly things happened than anything else.)

I’ll say it again:

New York City can be bad. It’s not my favorite place. I’m not into buildings that block my view of the sky, rats on the sidewalk, loud and crowded spaces and overpriced everything.

Plus, it seems to bring me bad luck. (We had days of rain, and there was a record breaking 4 inch downpour on Central Park… you’re welcome and you’re welcome, for booking my plane ticket. I told you some record breaking awful weather was in the works…)

Case in point:

new york, the bad, writing, young adult


I seriously considered naming this blog

The Bird That Sh*t On My Head

but I changed my mind. (the * stands in for an A, not an I, just so’s you know)

This happened our last morning in the city. Greg and I had the morning to ourselves, we were going to a small coffee shop in walking distance, through a cute little park, and I was thinking, “Okay, NYC might not be so bad. I mean, look at this nice morning I’m having.”

Then, a bird pooped on my head.

Or rather, on my forehead.

Okay, face. Let’s just say face.

It was in my bangs, on the inside of my sunglasses, on my eyelashes, and my smile immediately turned into a frown.

“Oh, no, Lou!” Greg exclaimed.

“What the &*$?@!” I said right back. “Did that seriously just happened? How much bird poop is in my hair?”

To this, Greg didn’t respond right away, which worried me. There was a lot and he didn’t want to say it. I was fairly certain I’d get a disease, since some of it was so close to being in my eye. We turned around and I had to walk about eight blocks … the walk of shame if there ever was one.

“Do you want me to take a picture for your blog?” Greg asked me.

I said I’d rather not. I did, however, take a picture of the sunglasses, just as proof.

I showered and got ready for the second time that day and before we left the apartment Greg said, “Do you want to bring an umbrella?”

I didn’t respond.

SO… it seems NYC loves me just as much as I love it.

Another less than great fact: we had to take an overnight flight to get there. This is the girl who cannot sleep in cars, planes, or even really take a nap very often. This mask didn’t help one bit. But at least we didn’t have to change flights along the way!

nyc, the bad, writing, blog, fiction


With the three days of full rain and wind, the bird poop, and lacking some sleep, this trip had more good than bad, I’m very happy to say.

Thanks for not laughing at me. Or if you did, thanks for also sympathizing…. with the girl who got sh*t on.

Love, Lou


Author: Melinda Haas

Melinda is a writer, blogger, artist and teacher. She lives in Wisconsin with her family.

4 thoughts on “New York Revisited {Part 2}

  1. This made me laugh out loud. A lot! :P

  2. One time, on a family vacation, a bird pooped on my brother’s head. We all just about died laughing. It’s HILARIOUS when it’s not happening to you :) Oh, and birds poop on my car all the time. Seriously, I think I’m being targeted.

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