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NYC, It’s Time to Redeem Yourself


I’ve been to New York City twice.

And it was never on my list of places to go. Ever. 

However, The Big Apple earned a spot on said list when my sister-in-law Melissa (aka Bills, aka Melissy) moved there. And yet again when my brother-in-law Chris (also aka Bills) moved there, too.

I love the Williams kids.

new york, writing, reading, fiction

I love them! Chris, Greg, Melissssy

My first NYC trip was filled with love/hate.

I LOVED spending time with Melissa. She is funny, witty, puts me in a good mood, and I can truly say she has become a sister to me.

new york, travel, writing

mel w and mel w (kind of weird, our names are only different by TWO letters.)

I HATED being freezing cold. This may have been my own fault. I didn’t exactly pack enough warm clothes (a constant problem of mine and I never seem to learn…) but I hadn’t expected for the weather to break records. Yes, it was a record breaking cold weather weekend for good ol’ NYC.

new york, writing, reading, fiction

I’m freezing and wet

writing, fiction, young adult ,new york

again, freezing and soaking wet

But another thing I did enjoy…. seeing the restaurant from YOU’VE GOT MAIL!!!! One of my favorite movies. Here I am, just feet away from where Kathleen Kelly waited and waited for her e-mail penpal.

you've got mail, writing, ficiton

yay YGM

And I liked seeing the restaurant from Seinfeld. That was pretty cool, too.

new york, writing, fiction

I’m hearing a bass guitar….

Oh, and I hated breaking a “bench” that actually turned out to be a shoe rack.

new york, embarrassment, double jointed

broken bench. we left.

And this creeper, who awkwardly posed behind me in this picture, where I’m wearing a new pair of rain boots… since, yeah… it was raining the entire time.

writing, fiction, new york

hey, man

I thought I’d never return. I was done with the city. The train was a little too loud… the pace was a little too fast…

But return I did. The second time I was with Greg.

And again, the bad weather broke some kind of record. I was freezing. Possibly even colder than the first visit.

Greg and I got lost in Central Park and had to walk 80 blocks to make up for it.

I could feel my bones freezing.

BUT…. I cherish the time I got to spend with both Chris and Melissa. THAT made the trip worth it.

writing, fiction, new york


I love these two brothers, who have a very special relationship.

new york, brothers, writing, fictiion


I liked climbing this tiny boulder, that looked huge in the photo.

writing, fiction

on top of the world

I liked eating ice cream (I know, we were crazy to eat ice cream in the freezing cold) in Brooklyn. I sort of felt like I was in Newsies. Minus the paper route. Plus the ice cream.

brooklyn, new york, fiction, writing


I reallllly liked being there with family (both times.)

new york, fiction, writing

oh, the bright lights

And swinging in Central Park.

writing, fiction


New York may be too loud, busy, impersonal and freezing cold/wet, but I’ll give it another try because two of my very favorite people live there.

So…. I’ll be going there in less than a week.

I’m ready for New York to redeem itself.

(I hear there’s a cidada infestation that only happens every 17 years…. I’m pretty sure this is happening only because I booked a ticket)

Hopefully this time I won’t break anything, I’ll be warm, and I won’t get 80 blocks lost.

I’m comin’ for you.

And can’t wait to see you, Bills.

fiction, writing, new york city

sisters 4eva

Love, Lou















Author: Melinda Haas

Melinda is a writer, blogger, artist and teacher. She lives in Wisconsin with her family.

3 thoughts on “NYC, It’s Time to Redeem Yourself

  1. Awesome photos! The pic of you swinging is one of my favorite photos of you. Greg and Chris sharing a drink is priceless. And Melissa is adorable as ever.

  2. Every time I have gone to NYC it has either been freezing cold or scorching hot. I can’t say which is better…probably the heat. I have a feeling you will like your third time their best of all. :) Have fun!!!! And feel free to hop on the bus that takes you to DC while you are there…….

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