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Day 29, Wednesday: Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories.

It’s seriously very difficult to choose only five.

BUT if I HAD to choose only five…. these are the five I would choose.

1) Wilderness by Middle Brother

I could listen to this song every single day and not tire of it. My maiden name is Wilder, so that’s cool and sort of related. This songs speaks to me for many reasons. The first is that my twin sister Meredith and I have driven around, with this song on repeat, many times. It makes me think of her and the nights we spend, usually silent, simply enjoying a nice song.

I love it when the song says:

“Just because it’s honest, well that doesn’t make it true.”

It could mean any number of things. But it really makes me re-evaluate and think about the “Truths” with a capitol “T” I say in this life. It makes me think of what honesty is.

2) Boxcar by Shovels and Rope

“Don’t let the sorrow of it get you down, change your last name and try your luck around
And if they ever come to ask about me, tell em that you knew me and you kinda liked me
I ain’t afraid to go it on my own, you can make a run and make it all alone.
You’ll be alright.”

I think it’s such a romantic song and it has actually brought a tear to my eye. The woman in this song is being SO brave. Their plan didn’t work- they got caught robbing banks, acting like Bonnie and Clyde, and she tells her love… go, run for it! Let me take the fall!!!

Would you do that?

This song has made me take a good honest look at my actions and how loyal I am to Greg. If we got into trouble, how brave could I be?

3) City Limit Sign by Meredith Wilder

“It was a humbling experience when I swallowed all my pride.”

I think we’ve all had a moment like that. I want to follow my dreams- step beyond the city limit sign. I LOVE this song, and not only because my sister Meredith wrote it and sings it :) It brightens up my morning. I listen to it at least a few times a week, if not every single day.

…There are so many more important things I should be worrying about.

4) Yuma by Justin Townes Earle

HE IS MY FAVORITE!!! JTE is incredible. He’s an amazing songwriter, great singer, and an overall cool guy. I love his interviews. There is something about his attitude that makes me like him even more. You should listen to every single one of his songs. But you could start with this one.

Did you cry? It’s a crazy sad song. But it’s SOOOOO good. I probably listen to this song every day, too.

I <3 you, Justin Townes Earle.

5) International Players Anthem by UGK featuring Outkast

I know, this is kind of a wildcard. Are you surprised?

Greg showed me this song the first year we dated and ever since it has been OUR SONG!!

No joke.

“I choose you babe.”

“I hate to see ya’ll frown, but I’d rather see her smiling.”

It’s hilarious. I love it. I know every single lyric.

You should, too.

(I put the censored version here, just in case a youngin’ visits the old blog…)

CAN I DO ONE MORE??? Please! Just one more? 

I have to.

The BEST <3 love <3 song in the world.

Here it is. I cannot keep this to myself.

It’s one of the only songs I can play on the guitar.

“So I will take these old shoes to get to you.”

How sweet is that? And pretty badass, if I do say so myself.

Again, this song makes me wonder what I would do for love. How hard would I try…. to see Greg? Would I go through all of that, and then still walk to get to him?

I think I would ;)


I hope you enjoyed these songs!



Author: Melinda Haas

Melinda is a writer, blogger, artist and teacher. She lives in Wisconsin with her family.

3 thoughts on “Music = Life, Inspiration & Love

  1. I love your sister’s song! She’s got a pretty voice.

  2. Okay, I’m back after listening to more. I love all these songs! I can totally picture you loving these. The harmony on Boxcar is fantastic. Love the harmonica!

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